Volunteering with the Animals in Costa Rica: We Need YOU

Volunteering with the Animals in Costa Rica: We Need YOU

Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteer with the animals and create a purpose for your next vacation!

We offer a unique, life-changing opportunity to work closely with Costa Rica’s flora and fauna. The main goal of our project is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many animals back into their natural habitat as possible. However, we cannot do this without YOU!

The minimum stay for our volunteers is four weeks. This includes three weeks working at the Jaguar Rescue Center and one week working at our reserve La Ceiba. The three-week program at the rescue center includes various responsibilities with animals in various stages of rehabilitation and release. While it is incredible to work around the animals, it is important to remember that all the work if FOR the animals. The work is hard, but the reward is priceless! The La Ceiba program consists of similar work while being immersed in the primary forest. As a volunteer in La Ceiba you will be staying in a cabina in the middle of the primary forest reserve! This is where volunteers feel the reward of the rehabilitation process in the form of reintroducing the animals back into their natural habitat.Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteering at the Jaguar Rescue Center includes many other opportunities! Every month we have a Volunteer’s Day to celebrate the hard work and dedication these amazing people have given to the animals. There is also an opportunity to see macaws at the Ara Project. This is another rescue center solely for the breeding and release of these majestic birds. The tourist police will come to give a safety speech to the volunteers. This is very important and insightful for the local area. Every week volunteers are given two days off to enjoy the South Caribbean.

This unique experience has the possibility to be life changing, don’t miss out on a priceless opportunity!


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