How it all began

After visiting Costa Rica many times over 10 years, Sandro moved to Costa Rica, where he met Encar, a fellow animal lover and academic. They made Costa Rica their permanent home, with a desire to live in a place that fed their desire for beauty and nature.

Word of their expertise spread through the Caribbean, and it didn’t take long before people were bringing sick and injured animals to Sandro and Encar for care. Even local authorities knew of their expertise, and brought any animals they found to the couple. Their love of these creatures would not allow them to turn any away, and soon their home was filled with birds, sloths, monkeys and more. They knew this wasn’t sustainable, and so for Sandro and Encar, their quiet life changed into a mission to lovingly care for the animals in their new Caribbean home.

In 2008, they officially opened the Jaguar Rescue Center, a place for animals to be rescued, rehabilitated and reintroduced into their native environments.

The idea behind the JRC was not just to give the animals a temporary or permanent home, but to ensure that they were cared for in an environment that as closely as possible mimicked their natural environment. Sandro and Encar’s backgrounds taught them how to care for these creatures, and their philosophy centers on the idea that most animals don’t need to be locked up. Their passion is to give the sick and injured animals a new life, and to ultimately release them back into their Caribbean jungle home.

The Jaguar Rescue Center was named for an orphaned and sick baby jaguar that was brought to Encar and Sandro for care. Sadly, that baby jaguar was found too late and ultimately didn’t survive. The staff and volunteers at the JRC work tirelessly, honoring the spirit of that young animal, to save the lives of as many animals as they can.