Material Donations

Here is a small selection of things we always need. You can either bring a donation along in your suitcase, sent it to our P.O. box or make a financial donation to help us buy the things we desperately need.

DUPHALYTE injectable
Injectable vitamins and amino acids. VERY important product for us.
For insect eating birds and other animals

Thermic rock for reptiles
Iguanas and others are cold blooded and when in treatment or quarantine they need these worm devices to get the heat they need, whenever it is not possible to take them outside.

Baby Incubator
These machines are a little bit more expensive but can be VERY important. These veterinary incubators provide temperature oxygen and humidity control and would be ideal for baby sloths and other animals when they are in very delicate conditions.
Baby Incubator

We need a variety of tools and instruments that are easily available online (EBAY, Amazon and similar online shops). If you wish to donate much needed surgical and clinical instruments, please write to our vet, and he will give you better details on which ones we need. You can also make monetary donations that can be used to purchase equipment and supplies.