Accommodation for Volunteers

Jaguar Rescue Center

The cost for accommodation in this area of Costa Rica is approximately $20 per day in a fully equipped house. Once your application for volunteering has been accepted, we will send you some contacts so you can arrange your own accommodations.

La Ceiba

During your time volunteering at La Ceiba, you will stay at The Heliconias House – a specially built home on the La Ceiba property specifically for our volunteers. La Ceiba is 3 miles away from the JRC, so we provide accommodations for our La Ceiba volunteers. The volunteer hours are not firm, and depend on which animals are being released at that time.

With five bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and mineral water to drink, the house is a beautiful oasis in the jungle, giving you full access to the beauty of the nature around you.

The house does not have internet access, and is located 4 miles from town. The staff makes regular visits to town, and you can travel with them if you need anything.