JRC Sanctuary
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The JRC Sanctuary

Ceiba Primary FoundationThe JRC Sanctuary forms a fundamental part of the JRC family, it is home to approximately 90 animals that cannot be released. Thanks to them, people can be made aware through environmental education of the problems that wild animals are experiencing in the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

The animals that have arrived at the Jaguar Rescue Center that cannot return to the wild for health or behavioral reasons, under specialist veterinary criteria, are housed in appropriate facilities so that they can develop their natural behavior.

The center has more than 20 facilities prepared and conditioned for each animal species living in them. It currently has sloths, monkeys, ocelots, reptiles, among others. For more than 10 years at the foundation, many animals have lived for with an excellent quality of life.

The center has come to receive more than 30,000 tourists annually from around the world. Visitors come to get closer to the fauna of Costa Rica and live the experience of understanding and learning about its biology and ecology. In addition, they will learn about the reasons why the animals enter the rescue center and the reasons why the animals at the sanctuary, unfortunately, have become permanent residents.

At the JRC Sanctuary, volunteers from all over the world also participate in the daily work of cleaning, maintenance, and care of animals and facilities. In this way, they learn about the care and respect for the country's wildlife.

For all these reasons, the JRC Sanctuary has raised awareness and inspired thousands of people throughout the world to respect biodiversity.