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For JAGUAR RESCUE CENTER, hereinafter JRC, respect for privacy is an essential pillar in our operations. Therefore, we are committed to protecting this and other digital rights through compliance with this policy, its principles, and rules, so that visitors and those who support us can carry out their digital activities with the greatest possible guarantees of privacy.

JRC advises you that this site uses first and third-party cookies.

When you visit our website, we use operational, analytical and third-party cookies, in order to provide you with the services of your interest, whether it is reviewing our information or hiring tours, donations, among others.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data, that are used to identify your computer as you use a computer network, information which may be used to remember data from your previous visits, personalize the service, and obtain various statistical, advertising, operational or configuration parameters.

What kind of cookies do we use?

In we use:

Operational cookies: first-party cookies are used for the basic operation of the website.

Analytical cookies: serve for statistical purposes on how users consume our services.

Third-party cookies: they are used for the provision of digital services of functions offered on our website.

Cookie Management

Cookies are necessary for the operation of the Internet and the user, exercising his right to informational self-determination, can configure his browser to accept, block or reject them. The user's decision -to accept or not to accept them- may affect their experience on the site, so the user's refusal to accept them does so at their own risk.

Cookies are used in compliance with Costa Rica's personal data protection regulations and our website's Privacy Policy, so the user is free to accept or reject them.

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