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Volunteering Costa RicaOur volunteers are the heart and soul of the Jaguar Rescue Center. It is because of their direct efforts that we are able to help so many ill, injured and orphaned animals. And in return, the volunteers are privy to personal, one-on-one experiences with our animals in their natural environment. The result is a life-changing experience, for both the animals and the humans.

All volunteers spend time at both the Jaguar Rescue Center and La Ceiba, to get a complete experience caring for animals at different stages of their healing and release.

Please keep in mind that while volunteering with us is an exciting, life-changing experience, it is also a great responsibility. We take the care of our animals and volunteers very seriously, and lack of attention can seriously harm our animals. While you will love being around our animals, it is important to remember that their care and attention is your primary responsibility. Their little lives are in your hands.

What You’ll Do
Jaguar Rescue Center

Volunteering at the Jaguar Rescue Center involves general cleaning and facility maintenance, food preparation, and general care for a variety of animals. Volunteers are required to work 5 days a week, from 7:30am – 4:00pm. The days you will volunteer will be determined upon your arrival.

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Important Health Considerations

Any volunteer with the Jaguar Rescue Center is required to obtain his or her own private health and travel insurance. Proof of insurance must be submitted to the Jaguar Rescue Center before you will be allowed to begin your volunteer tenure. We recommend a volunteer insurance like this.
We believe it is the responsibility of each volunteer to know and understand his or her own health and wellness. You should be aware of any allergies you have and how your body reacts to disease, wounds, insect bites and medicine. We are in the jungle, and we advise you to bring along any medications you think you may need. The health and safety of our volunteers is always a primary concern for us, and we feel it is always best to be well prepared for any situation.
Because our primates are easily susceptible to tuberculosis, all volunteers of the Center must provide proof of a negative tuberculosis test.
While rabies is almost unheard of in Costa Rica, it is always a risk when you are exposed to animals. We leave it up to the discretion of each individual volunteer whether or not they wish to undergo a rabies vaccination in their home country before coming to volunteer with us.
We do not believe that vaccinations against yellow fever, malaria and typhoid are necessary for visiting us. We advise you to consult with the World Health Organisation and your own physician to determine what’s best for you.

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