Veterinary Internship
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Veterinary Internship

Workplace: JRC veterinary clinic

Minimum stay: 6 months

Accommodation: Included (JRC facilities)

Qualification: Veterinarian

Professional skills: If you want to dedicate yourself to the veterinary clinic of wild animals, improve your skills and help the wildlife of Costa Rica; do not hesitate to consult. Interview for acceptance into the program.

The key piece of the rescue center’s work is the Veterinary Hospital, in which a team of experienced professionals works to save the lives of animals entering the center.

Thanks to the work of professional volunteers, daily work is improved. This is why the VETERINARY INTERNSHIP program gives veterinarians around the world, with experience or professional interest in wildlife, the opportunity to live the experience of being in a rescue center that receives more than 900 wildlife animals annually. Learn and help the wildlife of Costa Rica.

Tasks: Some of the work to be done in the Hospital together with the JRC team will be:

  •   Reviews of rescued animals.
  •   Routine control of hospitalized animals.
  •   Reviews of animals in rehabilitation and after release.
  •   Paediatric medicine (nursery).
  •   Surgeries.
  •   Anaesthesia.
  •   Diagnostic imaging tests (Rx, ultrasound...)
  •   Laboratory techniques (blood tests, parasites...)
  •   Cures, bandages, treatments, etc.
  •   Please note that you can only stay 90 days as a tourist in Costa Rica.
  •   Trial period: 15 days.
  •   English is mandatory. A certain level of Spanish is appreciated, but it is not mandatory.
  •   Your country’s TB test certificate or TB vaccination certificate International health insurance.
  •   Transportation from airport or city to rescue center
  •   Food
  •   Flights or airport taxes
  •   Visa costs
  •   Insurance
  •   Entertainment
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Veterinary Intership

Veterinary Internship

Veterinary Internship

Veterinary Internship