JRC's Veterinary Hospital
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JRC's Veterinary Hospital

The Veterinary Hospital of the Jaguar Rescue Center consists of a multidisciplinary and complete team and facilities designed for hospitalization and adequate medical equipment.

Among the veterinary team there are professionals with many years of experience in wildlife, nationally and internationally, with extensive surgical knowledge.

In addition to the team, the hospital has quarantine and hospitalization facilities designed for its purpose and recently built.

It is important to note that there is an operating room with complete equipment, anesthetic monitoring machine, diagnostic imaging devices (X-rays and ultrasounds), blood analysis machines (hematological and biochemical) among many other daily instruments. In addition to access to a wide variety of drugs to treat the different pathologies or ailments of animals entering the rescue center.

This is why, thanks to all the donations and the collaboration of the people who visit us, we can have a hospital so complete and with so many options to treat the 966 animals that arrived in 2022 at the JRC.