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This is my Story...

My name is Sansa, and I´m a spider monkey. I was found when I was a baby in Gandoca. I was on the ground after being pulled off of my mother by a male spider monkey, during a fight between two troops. The person that found me put me back up in the tree to see if my mother would come back for me but she never came.

After a few weeks at the center, they noticed that I was clumsier than a monkey my age should be. I was bumping into things and unable to grab branches properly. At this moment they checked my eyes and realized that I was developing a white film.

Thanks to the donations, I got a successful eye surgery in November 2020.

Now I am back playing and teasing the other monkeys.

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Spider Monkey(Ateles geoffroyi)

They were named spider monkeys because they look like spiders as they hang upside down from their tails with their arms and legs dangling.

Their genus name is Ateles, which means “imperfect.” This refers to the fact that they don’t have thumbs.

Spider monkeys hug each other and wrap their tails around each other. They are very intelligent and have robust memories.

Spider monkeys have long, thin arms with hooklike hands that allow them to swing through the trees. They do not have opposable thumbs. Concerning body length, Ateles geoffroyi has extremely long limbs and tails. The head is small and the muzzle substantial.


Spider Monkeys Have Strong Tails
One of the most defining characteristics of the spider monkey is its long prehensile tail. The spider monkey’s tail is strong and well-developed for arboreal life — and is often described as an extra limb.

The Females Take the Lead
Spider monkey troops are matriarchal, meaning the females play a leadership role. Female spider monkeys are also more likely to leave the nest, moving on to join a new troop when they reach puberty.

Spider Monkeys Are at Risk
There are seven species of spider monkey, and all of them are under threat of extinction. Throughout their range, the spider monkey population is in decline primarily due to the loss of suitable habitat and hunting.