Long Term Volunteer at La Ceiba
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Long Term Volunteer at La Ceiba

Located 3 miles away from the Jaguar Rescue Center in the heart of the primary forest of the Caribbean, La Ceiba Natural Reserve has been lovingly built and maintained. Encar and Sandro acquired the 49-hectare property several years ago, and it is now used as the release point for many of the animals being reintroduced to their natural habitat after their stay at the JRC.

We are looking for 1-2 long term, hard-working volunteers to come to La Ceiba and volunteer for 3 to 6 months. You will report to the onsite La Ceiba managers and work alongside the short term volunteers to carry out the following:

  •  Helping to clean and maintain the animal enclosures.
  •  Preparing animal food and feeding the animals.
  •  Keeping trails clear.
  •  Both captive and wild animal monitoring.
  •  Helping to manage the onsite short term volunteers.
  •  General site and enclosure maintenance.

You will be working in an environment that is often very hot, humid and wet with a variety of biting insects (including mosquitoes). The rain forest here has a lot of wild animals (including venomous snakes and spiders, biting ants, scorpions etc). As it is located in the primary forest there is no wifi but we provide transportation once a week to the town.

If you want to leave more often you are able to do so on your own. It is important that you are aware of this before committing to volunteering at La Ceiba.

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La Ceiba

During your time volunteering at La Ceiba, you will stay at The Heliconias House – a house on the La Ceiba property specifically for our volunteers. La Ceiba is 3 miles away from the JRC, so we provide accommodation for our La Ceiba volunteers. The volunteer hours are not firm, and depend on which animals are being released at that particular time.

With five bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and mineral water to drink, the house is a beautiful oasis in the jungle while still giving you full access to the beauty of the nature around you.

The house does not have internet access, and is located 4 miles from town. The staff make regular visits to town, and you can travel with them if you need anything.

  • La Ceiba Heliconias House
  • La Ceiba Heliconias House
  • La Ceiba Heliconias House
  • La Ceiba Heliconias House
  • La Ceiba Heliconias House
  • La Ceiba Heliconias House
  • La Ceiba Heliconias House

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