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As you would expect, frogs are expert swimmers but many of those found in Costa Rica live in the trees and bushes above the water and come in a remarkable kaleidoscope of colors.

Frogs are amphibians and are a great indicator species of a healthy environment. Since they breathe through their skin, a healthy population of frogs and other amphibians means that the ecosystem is thriving! Various species of amphibians have very important roles through their different stages of life. Adult amphibians are some of the best pest controllers there are!

Unfortunately, nearly half of the world’s amphibian species are in danger of extinction due to climate change, habitat loss, pollution, and especially, a deadly disease known as Amphibian Chytrid Fungus.

Although the Jaguar Rescue Centre does not (necessarily) rescue or rehabilitate frogs, they live wild around the Center and a tour may encounter the Red Eyed Tree Frog, the Hourglass Frog, the Strawberry Dart Frog, the Black and Green Poison Dart Frog or any of a variety that live close by. We have also logged a number of species in the primary forest of La Ceiba Natural Reserve.

Frogs in Costa Rica

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