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Sloths are the most graceful tree-dwellers. Sloths' slow glides across the canopy are famous, but nature enthusiasts are fascinated by their descent. Discover the mystery of sloths' rare forest floor visits with us.
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Discover the inspiring journey of Biwindi, a howler monkey who stole our hearts with his incredible strength and determination.
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The spider monkey lives in Costa Rica and is a part of the country's many unique animals and lively nature. People are working hard to help these monkeys stay safe from losing their homes and being hurt by people’s actions. Environmental education, reforestation and unify efforts could be the solution.
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There is concern about the decline of the two-toed sloth population (Choloepus hoffmanni) in recent years. Because of the challenges these cute animals face in their native environments, the Jaguar Rescue Center has taken action to understand how they reproduce. Our goal is to learn more about sloths' reproductive biology so we may start breeding them successfully in captivity. This study was done with permits from the Ministry of Energy and Environment (MINAE) and the National Commission fo...
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The JRC recently entered agreements with the Corredor Biológico de Talamanca Caribe, Ara Manzanillo Project, and Turtle Rescue Center. These collaborations focus on environmental initiatives, including the protection of wildlife and biodiversity. The Corredor Biológico, with 17 members, aims to safeguard the Biological Corridor. The Ara Manzanillo Project pioneers the reintroduction of the Great Green Macaw. Turtle Rescue Center in Cahuíta ensures sea turtle survival through community protection...
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