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On May 12 we started the campaign “Drive for Life” where the goal was to raise $15,000 to be able to buy a “new” second-hand truck.

As you know, the JRC truck is much more than a simple vehicle for the center it’s a part of our community as it helps us fulfill our job every day and accomplish our goals.

We use our vehicle for rescues and releases to transport food, construction materials, and countless other essential tasks throughout the week.

Unfortunately, it was not working as it used to. We have tried endlessly to repair the truck to keep it, but it has reached a point where it’s not sustainable anymore to do our job.

It was time to retire our truck.

After 2 months of the campaign, we were able to reach our goal and even pass it up. In total, $15.540 had been raised, which helped us purchase a new truck fulfilling all the needs of the animals at the center.

We have only words of gratitude for what the donners have given us.

We thank them for always supporting us and helping us help them.

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