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Beach Cleaning

Beaches are an essential part of human lives. Removing litter from the shoreline is of benefit to the ocean ecosystem. This is why we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with a beach cleaning in Playa Chiquita and its surroundings.

Together with the help of 83 kids from the Playa Chiquita School and 8 volunteers of the JRC, we were able to collect 30 kg of trash.

Always keep in mind beaches are diverse, beautiful, natural treasures that are here for all of us to explore and enjoy together.

Unfortunately, trash on our beaches jeopardizes these shared natural treasures. By cleaning up the beach, you ensure that visitors from all over the world can enjoy your beaches fully.


Remember that the garbage found on the beach eventually will end up in the sea, being ingested by animals and in many cases causing their death.

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