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JRC Community UPDATE

We are happy to share the thrilling developments at the Jaguar Rescue Center, where the flames of passion are igniting our direct relationships with the wonderful Costa Rican populace! Our JRC community is a beacon of human connectivity and has become the heart and soul of the center's conservation efforts.

Our mission is crystal clear: we strive to integrate the local community into our conservation endeavors, forging unbreakable bonds. We want nothing more than to witness the entire community enthusiastically join our noble project, turning the JRC into a steadfast guiding light and an unwavering pillar of support for our people and our community.

Jaguar Rescue Center
Jaguar Rescue Center

In the last three months, our community program participants have cleaned eight beaches along the Caribbean coast and one in the heart of the town. It’s the power of 131 passionate souls who worked hard to clean our shores, collecting a staggering 230.81 kg of trash! Over 236 resident Costa Ricans, from our community, have participated in our awe-inspiring educational tours. We are proud to mention that these tours are offered for free to all residents from Puerto Viejo or the surrounding areas!

And may we share with you the news that The Jaguar Rescue Center stood tall and proud, representing our fiery cause at the III Environmental Education Meeting of the Huetar Caribe Region, that is a synergistic initiative for the meeting and execution of activities for environmental literacy.

Our fervent hope is that the passion from our JRC Community spread like wildfire, reaching and touching more hearts each day. Together, we shall protect this magnificent area we proudly call home, our beloved Costa Rica!

Jaguar Rescue Center
Jaguar Rescue Center

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