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JRC Community UPDATE

During September, we were full of activities at the Jaguar Rescue Center and in the communities around the center.

We received in our educational tours, 92 minors and 29 adults from the communities of Meleruk, Daytonia (indigenous communities in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica), and Olivia. This reinforces our community commitment by sharing with people of different ages the main dangers faced by wild animals in the region, why they enter the center, our process of rehabilitation and rewild, and facts about the animals.

In coordination with the Talamanca Biological Corridor, we conducted workshops in the educational centers of Playa Chiquita, Manzanillo, and Rio Negro, with 85 minors and 7 adults, on the importance of protected areas in our country and at the same time stimulating reflection on the value of these spaces in the conservation of animals, insects, and plants.

We participated in a Climate Change Workshop convened by Trópica Verde/Fundación de Cuencas de Limón with local conservation organizations, which helped us to incorporate new knowledge and expand our community networks.

We closed the month with a community solid waste collection, with the participation of 11 minors and 6 adult neighbors of Hone Creek. We questioned ourselves about strategies for the community to take responsibility for their waste since the amount of trash in public areas such as the park and soccer field are always abundant.

In total, we were able to incorporate 240 people into the environmental education activities of the Jaguar Community program, stimulating reflection, empathy, and love for nature.

Special thanks to one of the local restaurants in Puerto Viejo called Lidia's Place and to Atlantis Swim Wear clothing store for their collaboration in the educational tour of the Child Day with indigenous people from the Daytonia community.

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