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What to do when you find baby raccoons and the mom isn’t near

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Raccoons are quite solitary animals, but when they are babies and until they complete 1 year old they stick together with their siblings and mother. One litter can go from two to six babies and the gestation lasts about 65 days. If they are younger than one year and the mother is nowhere near to be found they won’t survive without her. But it doesn’t mean you should rush to rescue them.

The search for food
Sometimes the mother has to go and find food for her babies and she can stay away from several hours up to a day but always comes back. She knows where she left them. If not, she could be injured or dead and can’t be able to reunite with her babies.

What to do
Normally they always stick together and are a little bit scared when they sense something isn’t right and they’ll try to find shelter. With the rising development near their habitat there are some situations that can put them in danger. If you find them alone and you suspect that they’re orphans, put them on a card box where you found them so they can’t escape and she can grab them. If in one day the mother doesn’t come to claim the babies usually is safe to assume she’s not coming at all and best thing to do is to contact a wildlife rescuer.

Raccoons Costa Rica
Raccoons Costa Rica

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