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Releasing Zuthu and Khali. Two very special ocelots

We finally released Zuthu and Khali, two wonderful ocelots (Leopardus pardalis) that came here after being confiscated as babies.

Ocelot Khali
Khali, 21st July 2018

Khali was rescued in 2018 by the MINAE, he was found weak and still a baby in the streets after being caught up in a landslide. As a result, he was wounded which resulted in a swollen head.

On March 2019 the MINAE also brought in Zuthu. We believe he was being kept as a pet because when he arrived here at the center he had the remains of what looked like a collar in his excrements. Keeping wild animals as pets is illegal in Costa Rica so it’s very important to spread awareness about this matter and promote environmental consciousness. Wild animals are not pets and belong in their own environment.

They were treated in our hospital for the first weeks and then cared by our amazing team of professionals for almost two years. They both grew strong and healthy until they were sexually mature to live by themselves.

On the 18th of February 2020 released them in the Selva Bananito Reserve. Selva Bananito is the primary forest with 1500 hectares located in the province of Limón, home to diversified wildlife and of great environmental conservation relevance, making this forest the perfect area to release animals back into the wild.

Ocelot Zuthu
Zuthu, 29th March 2019

Ocelots in Costa Rica
Zuthu receiving treatment, 2019

Ocelots are in danger of extinction in Costa Rica, so for us, it’s an immense joy to know that these two fantastic animals are back where they belong and can keep on reproducing and hopefully contradict the danger of extinction in Costa Rica.

Would you like to see footage of the day they were released? Here’s an inside view of this wonderful and emotional day:

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