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As you might know, a vehicle fulfills the same needs for each one of us, it takes us from Point A to B. In our case it does not transport people , but animals filled with injuries and with hope to come back into the wild. This vehicle is our way to reintroduce monkeys, sloths… and our way to rescue them as well from rivers, roads, houses, the jungle… The JRC truck is with us in every single goal we achieve.

We find ourselves struggling, as this component of our team is no longer able to fulfill its function, in this constant turning wheel.

What do we use the truck for?

As mentioned before, the truck does help us get to our rescues and later to their reintroduction spots.

But it must be kept in mind that there is another process in between those two: rehabilitation. In order to rehabilitate an animal, we need leaves (for them to eat) or even tree trunks and branches to make their enclosures as close to their real habitat as we can. We usually need constructing materials to adapt that enclosure to its new guest, and countless of many other tasks that are impossible to carry out without one of our main working tools: the JRC Truck.

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From two to zero

Before the pandemic, we used to have 2 Jaguar Rescue Center trucks available that had helped us through many years. Unfortunately, as the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the cost of keeping both vehicles on point was out of reach and the center decided to proceed and sell one of them. At the moment, this last vehicle has stayed with us for the past year, but the amount of repairs and care it needs is just unsustainable for us, we have spent countless hours and money trying to fix it continuously and it has become rather a hindrance than a helpful tool.

How much do we need to fund?

We are hoping to raise $15,000 with your help. A new “second hand” car will help us to keep up with the needs of all of our rescues and once again, enable us to navigate around the Caribbean roads with our furry friends that hopefully this new truck will be the last thing they will ever see as they will finally be back where they belong in the beautiful Costa Rican Jungle.

By donating, you will not only be helping the JRC in every rescue and release, but also thousands of animals that need our help.