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JRC and ICE seal the deal. One step closer for a safer environment for wildlife in Costa Rica

We’ve launched the Shock Free Zone campaign after noticing the high number of rescues due to electrocutions. We needed to tackle the problem by the source and by joining efforts with ICE.

For several years now, we have been changing the most dangerous transformers in the area. In 2019, with the help of the JRC Family, we were able to invest approximately $6000 and in addition ICE invested more than $200000 to insulate the powerlines in the area around the center, which translates into the insulation of 29 transformers, 2,2km of secondary lines, 4,931km of semi-isolated conductor, 7 single-phase posts and 4 aerial wildlife road bridges.

But we knew that there was much more to cover than the surroundings of the center, so we made our next mission to identify and insulate the powerlines from the Caribe Sur area.

First step, the map is completed. Now for the second step, and that’s where the hard work comes in, we will be insulating each and every red point marked on the map. It’s going to take time, money and hard work to get where we want, but the JRC, ICE and friends are going to make this possible. These are exciting times and really good news for the wildlife of Costa Rica!

ICE map for wildlife protection

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