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Update – The JRC in June

Hi JRC Family! We hope you and you’re loved ones are well and safe!

In June, we rescued 55 animals (Iguanas, Opossums, Two-toed sloths, Snakes, Birds, Bats, Squirrels, Howler monkeys, a Sea Turtle, Agoutis and a baby Raccoon) and in this point in time we have 236 animals under our care!

Also, during this month we were able to release 18 animals back to where they belong!

This journey is getting harder and harder, the border restrictions were extended again till August 1st and without the income from visitors we're struggling to keep rescuing and saving wild animals. We need your help.

Learn how, here. (https://www.jaguarrescue.foundation/en-us/SupportUs/MakeaDonation)

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