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Our White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys are back in the trees!

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Last week we had the joy of releasing our group of seven White-faced Capuchin Monkeys: Nimba, Thomson, Rollo, Sherman, Jorge, Ceibu and Numea.

This troop has been with us for the last 3 years, all of them as orphan babies. They developed a super interesting relationship with each other and it was a real pleasure to witness their roles inside the group.

At first Nimba was the alpha. She was the boss! But as soon as Jorge arrived, he took over the leadership, which later was going to be disputed by Thomson as well. They all accepted each other very well and were living in a harmonious environment.

There’s a lot of work involved in raising Capuchin Monkeys and these were no different, their caretaker Aurélie had to teach them how to live by themselves for the last 3 years. Aurélie and the JRC staff did a great job with this group and we couldn’t be more proud.

And now, we can only wish the best that life in the jungle can give them.

Nimba was left at La Ceiba´s doorstep inside a cardboard box. She had burns on her hands, and we suspect that her mother probably died by electrocution on power lines.

Rollo was a tiny tiny baby when we rescued him. Found alone with a swollen hand, he was probably abandoned by his troop. He makes the funniest faces!

Thomson was less than a month old when he was confiscated by the MINAE. He was being kept as a pet, near Limon. Rollo and Thomson are the most independent of the group and love to hunt frogs, reptiles and spiders.

Sherman was found in a hotel in Manzanillo. He was around 3 months old and covered with fly eggs and bot flies. His mom died and he wandered around for a while before being brought to the center. Sherman and Ceibu are like the cheeky brothers, always looking for trouble.

He’s named after the place where he was found, La Ceiba. He was found alone and brought to the center.

Numea arrived at the center with her tail with an advanced case of necrosis and we had to amputate it. She quickly adapted to the absence of her tail and all the group likes to look after her, mostly Nimba. Nimba gives her piggy backs whenever it's necessary.

Jorge was already 3 year old when he joined the group. He was being kept as a pet and confiscated by the MINAE.

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