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Constructions of new enclosures

It should be noted, we are more than grateful for all the support and donation that we have received this past year through La Ceiba Primary Forest Foundation.

Due to the donations, we were able to build new enclosures for the rescue center.

These enclosures will be used as a temporary home for the animals during their rehabilitation until their release. We build two enclosures of 3,5 m × 3,5 m, with a high of 3 meters.

Another one with a width of 5,5 m and 8 m of length.

Our last enclosure is under construction. All this was possible thanks to the donations received by the JRC during the Giving Tuesday campaign. This one will be the biggest with a width of 6 meters and a length of 16 meters.

Our clinic is also been upgraded by changing all the electric systems and new quarantine enclosures for those animals who arrived and have to stay under observation.

Last but not least, we built a 30 m long by 2.6 m high cement perimeter fence in the southern part of the center to improve security and promote the isolation of animals in rehabilitation. Parts of the metal fencing were also replaced following our maintenance plan.

Without the help of our donors, it wouldn’t be possible to keep improving the center to give the animals the best care we can offer.

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