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JRC Sanctuary Achieves Biosphere Certification

We are pleased and proud to announce that our JRC Sanctuary has successfully obtained the prestigious Biosphere Certification awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI). We are the first organization in Costa Rica to receive this distinction, reflecting our commitment to conservation and sustainability.

The Biosphere Certification is an international recognition given to those dedicated to responsible and sustainable management of resources, environmental protection, and animal welfare. It adheres to stringent criteria that span a range of domains, from environmental management to social responsibility, aligning with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 associated targets.

Our sanctuary has demonstrated adherence to the standards set for biodiversity conservation, promotion of sustainable practices, and respect for local communities. Every aspect of our operations has been meticulously evaluated to ensure alignment with principles of sustainability and responsibility.

Achieving the Biosphere Certification solidifies our position at the forefront of conservation in Costa Rica while bolstering the confidence of our visitors and benefactors. Moreover, by adopting sustainable practices, we significantly contribute to the preservation of our beautiful natural environment in the South Caribbean for future generations.

Maintaining this certification will require continuous effort and a focus on ongoing improvement, something we are not only ready for but are excited about.

We are committed to continuing innovation and adjusting our operations to surpass the rigorous standards of the Biosphere Certification. Through environmental education and active community engagement, we aim to inspire others to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future where harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature is not only possible but fundamental for the survival of our planet.

Biosphere Certification

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