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13 adult green sea turtles were saved

Save the Turtles

On July 3rd, the Jaguar Rescue Center received four injured green sea turtles that had been poached and suffered harpoon wounds, with their fins cruelly bound. Our dedicated veterinarians promptly treated them, cleansing and bandaging their wounds to facilitate healing and prevent contamination.

To our surprise, the following day brought nine more green sea turtles to JRC, all victims of poaching. Responding swiftly, our team created a temporary pool to accommodate them. Unfortunately, two turtles had punctured lungs, and one of the largest turtles laid eggs during transport, which were carefully sent to the Turtle Rescue in Cahuita National Park.

Poaching and egg theft have surged in Costa Rica, endangering conservation efforts. We sincerely appreciate the police and coastguard for bringing these turtles to JRC. We are grateful for the opportunity to directly contribute to protecting and rehabilitating these majestic sea creatures.

Your contribution will help us give these turtles a home

Your generous donation assists us in constructing the necessary infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of care for the turtles.

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Can These Turtles Return to the Sea?With your Donation you help us save the Turtles

Save the Turtles

Yes, but they require time to recover before being released. In 2019, we faced a similar rescue situation when authorities brought us 15 injured sea turtles. Through rehabilitation efforts, all of them were successfully nursed back to health and released at various intervals. The last one, in fact, stayed under our care for over a year.

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How can I help?

JRC urgently requires $15,000 to provide proper care for the 13 turtles until they are ready to return to their natural habitat in the sea. We need your support to make this happen. With the funds raised, we will purchase a specialized water pump for seawater, and two large water tanks, essential for their rehabilitation. We are now reaching out to ask for your assistance in this urgent emergency rescue. Please consider donating today to play a vital role in rehabilitating our rescued sea turtles. Together, we can make a significant impact and help these amazing creatures find their way back to the sea.

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