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This is my Story...

My name is Mamma Mia, I am a two-finger sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni ) who arrived at the center in 2016 due to electrocution. I came with my daughter attached to my belly who, unfortunately, got injured in one of her arms.

My electrocution wounds were spread all over my body, severe burns were spread all over my limbs and nose.

While the veterinarian team checked me, they saw that my right arm was damaged, so they had to make the hard decision of amputating it.

Now I have been a resident of the center for 4 years, where I have learned how to move with only 3 limbs.

Although my condition is way better, I cannot be released due to my electrocution injuries.

The center often receives electrocuted animals, just like me, and sadly not all of them have the luck to survive.

Adopt Mamma Mia and you will be supporting our ‘Shock Free Zone Campaign’. This campaign is designed specifically to help make the power lines safer for animals!

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Two-finger Sloth(Choloepus hoffmanni)

Two-Finger Sloths commonly and mistakenly named two-toed sloths (Choloepus Hoffmanni) are found in the forests of Central and Southern America.

As you can see in the pictures it is not on their toes where they lack a toe, but in fact on their upper limbs on the hands, that is why earlier we described the common name as mistaken.

These slow animals that survive on a leaf-based diet tend to live most of their lives aloft, few times you will see them on the ground, some occasions might be in order to reach another tree even by water or to defecate. Sloth’s fur is grown specifically to create a natural camouflage.

Shock-Free Zone Program

Our goal consists of insulating transformers and electrical lines that are currently without insulation.

We have been working with ICE to identify the most problematic areas in order to insulate them first.

Buying the materials to insulate a transformer costs $250 per transformer. ICE has graciously volunteered to provide professional staff, equipment and specialized vehicles for installation.

Facts about two-finger Sloths

Sloths have very poor eyesight and hearing, so they rely on touching and smelling for food.

The only time sloths are found standing properly is when they go to the ground to defecate, and they only do this almost once a week.

The hair grows in a special system of being parted along the stomach and flows from belly to back. This system is helpful for when the sloths are hanging upside down and the rainwater can runoff.