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The JRC would like to introduce the newest member of our adoption program. Turanga the 2 finger sloth & Patacón the baby kinkajou.

Know a little bit more about them.


She is a 2-fingered sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni) who arrived at the center almost in 2020. We noticed she was not like the other sloths. She was not growing properly, which we think might be genetic.

Turanga behaves like a big sloth, but her size makes her look like a baby. Unfortunately, she cannot be released due to her condition. You can meet Turanga during one of our educational tours at the JRC Sanctuary.

Jaguar Rescue Center
Jaguar Rescue Center


Patacón arrived in 2022 after he was found on the floor in the middle of the night. He came dehydrated and weak to the JRC. Our vet team gave him fluids and kept him under monitoring for the first week.

We employ our "Speaking up for Babies" method, in which we record the baby's cry and play it again to try to find the mother. Our staff member tried for four nights to catch the mother's attention, but we were unable.

Patacón has grown so much in the past months, and his favorite activities include napping all day and eating (his favorite is a boiling egg with honey on top).

Jaguar Rescue Center
Jaguar Rescue Center

You can symbolically adopt Turanga or Patacón at

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